Wet hikes and warm breweries

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Bow Valley
LOCATION: Bow Valley Provincial Park, an hour east of Calgary, Alberta
WEATHER: Light rain most of the day. High 60

It rained all night long. The rain dripping on the Airstream is such a comforting sound. We stayed warm and dry inside. So cozy.

When the rain mostly stopped, we took a hike around the park. We hiked for about 2 hours, first following the Bow River. The path is the kind I like – spongy pine needles and not too steep.

We saw and heard loons on the river.

Then, we took another trail around Many Springs. It is a unique wetland with lots of unusual and beautiful flowers. The water stays at a constant temperature, so there are lots of animals here, too, especially in the winter.

Alberta wild roses cover the forest floor.

After lunch in the Airstream, it started raining harder. So – we headed to Canmore to check out the town and the breweries (several in the downtown). Canmore is a real tourist town – feels like a ski resort. Lots of condos for the skiiers and cute shops line the streets. We stopped first in a brewpub. The atmosphere was not too cool – lots of young families, but the wifi was quite strong. Then, we found a small brewery with just a tasting room. Good vibes there.

Back at the campground, we made a campfire, but couldn’t keep it going due to the rain. So, we moved into the heated Airstream.

DINNER: Not too exciting….leftover lasagne and leftover bean salad. I kicked the lasagne up a notch by adding some of my fresh basil and oregano. They are doing very well – they love the rain and the long summer days. One more night on the road, and then we will be at my aunt and uncle’s house – I hope to do some cooking there.

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