Elk Encounter!

CAMPGROUND: Gregg’s Lake. Another Alberta provincial park. Lots of trees. Spacious, gravel site. We have electricity only, although there are sites with water and sewer, too. Flush toilets. Shower building separate – very nice. $29/night. Some sites are on lake; ours is not. 4 stars out of 5
LOCATION: Albert Sweitzer Provincial Park, about 2 hours northeast of Jasper, Alberta
WEATHER: Cool and overcast most of the day. High 50. Some light rain.

We got an early start at Bow Valley. At the dump station, we met a Quebecois young woman traveling alone and a European couple in a rental van…..there are a lot of these rentals on the road. We discovered a possibly serious problem with the water tank. We may have to return to Airstream factory at the end of this trip. We can travel ok as it is.

On to the Icefield Parkway. Quickly the scenery turned dramatic. High snow-topped mountains.

The craggy mountain sides had waterfalls springing from them. The streams were roaring with snowmelt.

Several times, traffic came to a halt. People just stopped their cars in the middle of the highway to look at wildlife. This one was to watch a bear cub in the ditch.

Another common sight was the poor bikers struggling up the steep mountain highway. They always look so miserable!

We did not stop at the Columbia Icefield (glacier) this time. We have been before. It has become a very crowded, popular tourist stop…..Note the full parking lot.

We are so glad that we visited many of these places before they were so popular. Lake Louise is just gorgeous, but when we passed it today, there was a sign saying that there was no parking available. Cars were parking about 5 miles away to do a park and ride.

Lunch was a picnic at one of the roadside stops.

When we drove through Jasper, these elk decided to cross right in front of us at a stoplight. Wow!

This is a Canadian holiday weekend. School ended on June 26, so lots of families are traveling. July 1 is Canada Day, Independence Day. So, this is one of the busiest camping weekends in Canada. When we passed by a Walmart at 3:00, there were already 20 RVs parked there for the night. We weren’t sure if we could find a campsite, but we did. We got one of the only sites available at this park.

After we settled in, we walked to the lake, about an hour-long hike. Since it wasn’t raining, we built a campfire and chatted with our neighbors, camping here from Edmonton.

DINNER: Almost the last of the leftovers! Hooray! I diced up some of Tony’s leftover pork and added it to sauteed onions and a mushroom gravy that I have traveled with since Texas! Side was a lot of steamed vegetables. I will defrost the freezer, clean out the refrigerator, and start fresh this coming week while visiting Leo and Martha.

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