Hiking in the Hoo-doos

CAMPGROUND: 4th night at Writing-on-Stone
LOCATION: Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in south central Alberta
WEATHER: In a word…..PERFECT! Sunny. High about 70

Today’s plan was to hike the Hoodoo Interpretive Trail here in the park. What a perfect day for hiking – sunny, but not too hot.

There were 12 stops on this self-guided hike. The trail went through many hoodoos, the formations formed from eroded sandstone.

We followed the Milk River where the Blackfoot Indians set up camp many years ago.

We saw some beautiful birds and cacti.

There were signs warning about snakes. We didn’t see any, but did see some skin left from molting.

The 3-hour hike ended at a beautiful overlook of the valley.

In the afternoon, we took advantage of the sunshine, drying things out and cleaning up the trailer and car.

Dinner was at Tony and Jenny’s Rpod Trailer. We are certainly going to miss these roadie friends!

DINNER: Tony prepared tasty chicken tacos. The margaritas were a bonus!

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