A Fun Day at the US Border…..NOT!

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Writing-on-Stone Campground. See previous reviews
LOCATION: Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in south central Alberta
WEATHER: Partly sunny. Some rain. High 68

Today was our day to go on our own paths. Jenny used to live in Lethbridge, and had made arrangements to meet up with an old friend. Tony had some business things to take care of there, too. Lethbridge is about an hour away.

We took our time getting ready for the day. I took a shower. This campground charges for showers (bah-humbug). This is the sign in the shower room….

The Canadian dollar is a coin with a loon on it, so Canadians have nicknamed it a loonie. The two-dollar coin then became a toonie. Cute!

We are only about 20 miles from the US border here, so we decided to cross over to try to get T-Mobile cell service for a call George needed to make. We crossed over easily, and sat in a gas station parking lot in a tiny town in the rain to try to make the call. George was on the line for more than an hour getting SO frustrated. It was a miserable experience. We did buy some cheap US gas, then crossed back into Canada. Our quick in-and-out must have raised a red flag, as they pulled us over and told us that they would have to do a vehicle search. They said they were busy and we would have to wait (while about 10 agents stood at their desks twiddling their thumbs). So, we waited and waited in the immigration office. Bureaucracy at its finest. Finally, they let us go.

We headed to Lethbridge to check it out. First up was a brewpub for lunch, even though by now it was 2:15. It was a great brewpub, with a nice atmosphere and good food. We drove around the town, following a scenic drive.

Lethbridge is famous for its large coulee – a very steep and deep dry river bed.

Then, back to the campground. As we approached, we could see a dark thundercloud right over us. Thankfully, it blew over and we were able to cook and eat outdoors.

DINNER: George made superb hamburgers by placing strips of bacon on each side of a big square of hamburger. He grilled each side, then cut the square into 4 slices. We served it with lots of condiments, plus onions braised in beer, raw red onion slices, and tomato slices. Side was a Mexican-flavored bean salad.

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