Writing on Stone- Learning about Rock Art

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Writing-on-Stone Campground
LOCATION: In Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in south central Alberta
WEATHER: Variable. Some sun. Mostly clouds. Late PM rain. High 70

Being Sunday, almost all of the campers left (poor souls who have to go to work and school on Monday). It is nice to have the place practically to ourselves. We watched all the RVers leave.

Jenny and I took a hike up through the hoodoos to the Visitor Center while the boys rested. The hoodoos were created due to erosion of the sandstone. They are very interesting. We learned that they got their name because the First Nation people (Indians) believed that they were spirits. Many resemble faces. When the European settlers arrived and asked what they were, the Indians responded by saying they are people. The Europeans misunderstood, thought they meant voodoo, and the name morphed into hoodoo. Factoid for the day!

We got a bit of rain, then it cleared enough for us to decide to take the afternoon park ranger-led tour of the protected archeological part of the park. The ranger took us by bus to a gated area and then provided a two-hour talk on different rock art – both petroglyphs (carved designs) and pictographs (pictures painted on the rocks). This park has the highest concentration of rock art of any place in North America.

We were warned to watch for rattlesnakes. One lady left the tour as she was so afraid. We saw some beautiful prickly pear cactus in bloom.

As the tour was ending, a big thunderstorm started building up.

We rushed back, getting drenched on our way. Tony and Jenny came over to our trailer for drinks as we waited for the rain to end. I made my famous margaritas, and we had some chips and salsa. (Mexican flavors even though it was not Mexico weather!)

The rain finally stopped enough for Tony to cook outside, and we were able to eat under the awning.

DINNER: Tony cooked marinated pork steaks. Sides were mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Really good. As we are winding up our time together, we are plannng our last meals together. We each have one turn left.

After dinner, we studied the Alberta map together and made plans for our adventures after Writing-on-Stone. They are heading west to Vancouver Island; we will head north to Calgary area, and then to spend some time with my aunt and uncle way up north in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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