This can’t be Summer Solstice!

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Elkwater Campground
LOCATION: Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in SE Alberta
WEATHER: In a word…..miserable! Rain most of the day. High 50. 30s in AM

We have a little ritual when it is cold, as it is here today….One of us gets up around 6:00, turns on the heat, then we stay in bed until the trailer has warmed up..

As we were having morning coffee, a deer rambled through our campsite. It is so woodsy and pretty here.

We decided today would be a day to stay around the campsite and do repair work. Tony and Jenny worked on a pipe that had become loose.

George drilled in some rivets where they had come loose. All that shaking on gravel roads…

As the day progressed, the weather worsened. I decided to bundle up and walk to the Visitors’ Center. It is hard to believe that today is the beginning of summer!

George discovered that our fresh water tank drain valve had broken and would not hold water. It is located under the trailer and probably got hit by a rock or something when we traveled on poor gravel roads. He spent about 4 hours under the trailer, on his back, in the freezing rain. He looked and felt miserable. He was soaking wet, and hypothermia was setting in. When he finished, we rushed him to the hot shower. He recovered over dinner.

DINNER: Tony’s turn. He cooked on his grill under the awning in the cold rain, while we sat cozily around their dining room table inside their trailer. Tony made beef stroganoff over egg noodles. Broccoli on the side. Really delicious.

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