A Day in Civilization..

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Elkwater Campground. See previous review
LOCATION: Within the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in SE Alberta
WEATHER: A bit chilly. High 55. Low in AM about 40. Brrr!

We all got spruced up and clean (wonderful to have hot showers after 4 days in the boonies), then went to Medicine Hat, about 40 miles away. Tony and Jenny’s trailer needed some repairs and Tony wanted to buy parts to work on it.

We stopped at the Visitor Center where they couldn’t have been more helpful. We had a list of places we needed to hit. We asked about a laundry and wondered there might be one with internet. The Visitor Center guy called various laundries until he found one WITH wifi – Posh Wash. It is probably the nicest laundry I have ever been to. Both Jenny and I did tons of laundry while George and Tony went to the automotive stores. The laundry attendant was very nice and showed us the terribly dirty clothes she handles for the gas and oil workers. We finished the laundry chores, with hopes of looking quite posh 🙂

Medicine Hat, a city of 70,000, is called the Gas City, and it seems quite well-to-do. Nice homes everywhere with lots of new construction going on.

The Visitor Center had also recommended several brewpubs in the area. We went to this one for a very pleasant lunch.

Even though we are in the city, one gets a feeling for the Wild West. This tumbleweed blew by in front of the brewpub.

After lunch, we went downtown to the library to do some serious internet work. It is a great public library, and was full of residents. Afterwards, we strolled around downtown and hit a microbrewery to taste one of their brews.

It had been sunny in Medicine Hat, but it started to cloud up on our way back to the campground. We watched the temperature on car thermometer drop as we ascended to the park. We decided it was an eat-in night, rather than have a campfire.

DINNER: I rarely use the oven in the Airstream, but did so tonight, since it was so cool. I baked a lasagne with veggie burger, to keep the calories down. I jazzed up bottled pasta sauce with the burger, green pepper, onion, and garlic. I layered the lasagne with the no-bake kind of pasta (first time I had tried that). I sneaked in some spinach for body and vitamins. Sides were cheese bread and salad.

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