The Big Muddy

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Bengough Municipal Campground. See previous comment.
LOCATION: Bengough, Saskatchewan in SE part of province
WEATHER: Very nice. Mostly sunny. High 75

We checked out the small town of Bengough. Actually quite cute. It has an outdoor museum describing coal mining here in the early 1900s done by farmers, just by digging up hills on their farmland.

Today’s day trip was to the Big Muddy. It is a ridge of clay and mud hills in the middle of a flat prairie, caused by glacier movement.
This tallest hill is called Castle Butte.



The area consists of thousands of miles of rangeland. The cows roam freely. This guy wanted to check us out before he let us through his “gate”.


We saw deer and pronghorns (antelope) running in the fields. There are no trees, other than the ones the farmers have planted as wind breaks.


There are a lot of gophers running around. I watched this one right before he dived into his hole.


We stopped at a tiny town, Big Beaver, where the only thing there is a store that has “everything”. And, it is true! Groceries of all types, clothing, restaurant, cafe, post office, farming supplies, etc. Amazing!


Then, on to another town, miles away for lunch. We ate at the Jolly Giant Pub, named after a giant (an 8+-foot man) that used to live in the town. We read about him at the museum, and learned he died while in the circus.


This campground is set up so that two RVs park in one area, each one facing the other direction, so there is a commons area in the middle. The campground lady stopped by to chat again as we were eating dinner.

DINNER: For my turn, I served shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. The main course was fettucini in a salmon cream sauce, with bits of smoked salmon, capers, and artichoke hearts. Side was peas and mushrooms. A bit of gourmet on the prairie!

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