A very long hike in the Canada Badlands

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Rock Creek

LOCATION: Grasslands National Park, East Block. In SW Saskatchewan
WEATHER: Mostly cloudy. Perfect for hiking. High 65

We got an early start for today’s hike. The map showed a 8-mile route (4 miles each way) through the grasslands, ending in The Valley of the Thousand Devils. We carried lots of water and a picnic lunch.

We had the vast wilderness to ourselves. There was a lot of up-and-down hiking, but we tried to keep a good pace. We encountered two skeletons, probably young deer torn apart by coyotes. We passed several buttes, some an interesting red color.

Jenny is a great photographer and took several photos of the beautiful, delicate flowers.

The end of the trail was a fabulous view of the valley below. While we rested, we read the hiking trail brochure which categorized this trail as “very difficult”. Good thing we hadn’t read that before we started out!

We rested and ate our lunches.

Tony even got in a little nap.

Then, the return 4- mile hike to the campground. It was reassuring when we could see it in the distance.

As we were exhausted, we rested. There are not any showers in this campground, so George tried out our outdoor shower.

We made a campfire and shared some drinks and appetizers.

DINNER: Tony made a one-pot wonder – a dish of hamburger, vegetables, and potatoes. Reallly hit the spot.

We went to bed embarassingly early. 🙂

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