Beautiful day in Saskachewan

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Fish Creek
LOCATION: Moose Mountain Provincial Park – SE Saskachewan
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 73

Since we didn’t want to repeat the tick invasion, we took our morning hike on gravel roads, all around the campground. There are a lot of seasonal RVs parked here, but the people are not here, yet, so it is still very quiet. It will have a much different feel in a few weeks when the 400+ sites are all occupied.

We spotted a few wild Alberta roses that are just starting to bloom.

We did a little wifi work in the park’s office. I booked 2 nights in a campground near Calgary after we leave Tony and Jenny. I got the only site still available for those nights. July 1 is Canada Day, and like the 4th of July in the USA, it is a very busy time for campgrounds.

Then, an afternoon hike around one of the neighborhoods of the village located within the provincial park. There are some new homes being built, quite large and fancy, and then these cute, older cottages, all interspersed

Back at our Airstream, George worked on replacing the screen on the window that was shattered a few weeks ago. Airstream had replaced the glass window, but the screen still had a tear in it. One thing we really like about this campground is that they provide free firewood. It is nice and dry, so burns very well. George got a fire going, and I kept it stoked.

DINNER: My turn. I made some hummus for an appetizer. It is easy to do, since I brought my immersion blender with me. For the main meal, I made chili. I added sausage cooked on the campfire grill, and served the chili over weiners roasted on the fire. I toasted the bread from the local bakery to accompany it. We ended up moving to Tony and Jenny’s site to eat as it started to rain, and we could huddle under their awning. Jenny made some zucchini bread earlier today, so that became our dessert.

After dinner, we watched a DVD – an old BBC show called “Monarch of the Glen”. We had seen a few episodes a long time ago on PBS, and Tony and Jenny loaned us this one. Very cozy on a chilly, rainy night.

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