CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Fish Creek
LOCATION: Moose Mountain Provincial Park – SE Saskachewan
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 68

Since it looked a bit like rain, we made a day trip into a little nearby town. It was quite cute. Jenny got her hair cut while we hung out at a nice coffee shop. We bought some flax seed bread from the village bakery and some “smokies” – like brats – made by local Mennonite ladies.

After lunch in our trailers, George went to check out fishing while Tony, Jenny, and I did one of the provincial park hikes. It was called the Peninsula Trail and followed the lake around for about 2 miles. A nice workout in the woods – we got our fix of communing with nature. Maybe we communed TOO much……Tony discovered a tick crawling on his pants while we were hiking on the grassy trail.

After we finished the hike, I found one on my leg. Then, Jenny found one on her shirt. Back at the trailers, we had naked body inspections (each couple separately) and found more. Jenny won with 6; I had 3; and Tony 1. After a shower, we still felt like something was crawling on us. This is the warning sign in the bathroom…

The campground is full of ground squirrels. They are not the usual type – I don’t think they climb trees. They are pretty tame. This one was checking out our grill…

We visited the golf course that is part of the park. It is perched on a cliff overlooking the lake below. We had a drink and admired the views.

DINNER: Tony’s turn. He made a really delicious Greek salad and grilled Greek-style chicken that we ate on pita with tsasiki sauce. Whoever cooks also does the dishes. It is nice to have every other day off, and helps to conserve water.

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