Wildlife and Winter Woolies!

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Wasagaming Campground. See previous review
LOCATION: Riding Mountain National Park, northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba
WEATHER: Wow – what a change! Yesterday was 95; today’s high was 50. Light rain most of the day.

The Visitor Center had told us that the bison herd inside the park come out mostly at dawn and dusk. Since the days are so long, that would be about 4:00 AM and 10:00 PM. Otherwise, they come out in the rain. Since it was drizzling, this was our chance! On our way to the bison range, we saw a moose along the road. I was so excited! This one looked like a teenager. He quickly hid in the woods. It happened too fast to get a photo. Driving down gravel roads, we saw lots of signs (poop) that the bison had been here, but we didn’t see any actual bison. Finally, we saw a group about a half mile away. We guessed that that would have to suffice. Then, we turned around and wow – there were three right on the road!They are huge! Happy with our sightings, we explored other parts of the park, stopping once in a while for George to try his luck at fishing (no success).Back at the campground, George convinced everyone (but me) that we should move to another site. He didn’t like the slope of the site, or the street light in front of our site, or its distance from the bathroom. Most of the campground’s 750 sites are vacant as the season hasn’t really started yet, so we were free to move. I have to admit that the new site is better. We are nice and level and are next to a shelter.Most of Canada’s parks, national and provincial, offer lovely shelters with picnic tables and wood stoves. The temperature seemed to drop all day and we were quite chilled. So, we pulled out our winter clothes and lit a roaring fire in the shelter’s stove. We were especially happy as this brought back memories of when we first met Tony and Jenny – in a provincial park shelter in Newfoundland in a shelter very much like this one.
DINNER: We ate in the shelter, now toasty from the fire. Tonight was my turn to cook. On the shelter’s stove, George warmed up some meat patties made with a hamburger, chorizo, and sausage blend. We served them with an orzo pasta sauce, garlic bread, and a side of asparagus/onion/mushroom medley.

BOOKS: With these long, summer days, I find myself staying up later, and consequently reading more. Tonight I finished another. This one was written by one of our daughter’s friends, Jeff Briggs, someone she had housesat for in Rochester, Minnesota, and in Seattle, Washington. “Out of the Cold Dark Sea” is a murder mystery that takes place in Seattle. I give it an 8 out of 10. The best part was recognizing some of the landmarks from Seattle that we recently visited.

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