Manitoba Prairie….and Mountains?

CAMPGROUND: Wasagaming Campground in Riding Mountain National Park. Typical national park – woodsy sites, decent bathrooms, gravel (but not level) sites, picnic tables, and good grills. Water and electricity hookups. $30/night. 3 stars out of 5

LOCATION: Wasagaming, Manitoba. About 150 NW of Winnipeg
WEATHER: Unseasonably hot. High 95. Sunny and windy. Storms are predicted

We enjoyed a slow-paced morning and hit the road at about 10:00. We skirted Winnipeg, driving by some beautiful, new homes in the suburbs. The drive was prairie, and more prairie. Magically, on the horizon, we saw a billboard advertising a craft brewery in an upcoming town. Of course, we had to stop.The owner could not have been more friendly, and chatted with us for a long time. He gave us lots of samples and we bought some cans. There is absolutely NO room in the refrigerator for anything else!!This huge area (Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, and Wisconsin) were once all one big lake after the mile-high glaciers melted. Riding Mountain is a karst, like a ridge) is where the soil and rocks were pushed up. We are on a beautiful lake. Later in the summer, this area will be packed with tourists, but it is still prettty quiet.It took a while for George to get the Airstream situated on our site as it is not level at all. After we set up, we all walked to the little town that is also part of the national park. We loaded up on information about things to do in the Visitor Center. DINNER: Tonight was Tony’s turn again. He did pork chops and stir-fried vegetables. I provided an appetizer of steamed asparagus wrapped in thin deli turkey slices. We sat outside at a picnic table for the gourmet meal!

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