Good Times in Winnipeg

CAMPGROUND: Arrowhead RV Park. See previous review
LOCATION: Just south of Winnipeg, Manitoba
WEATHER: Just about perfect. Sunny. High 76. Cool in AMs and PMs

We slept well in this quiet RV park. The owner works really hard keeping everything nice, while taking care of her 3 children, who are helpers. The office/bathrooms/laundry are on one side of the owners’ house. The school bus comes right into the RV park to pick the children up in the AM and drop them off in the PM.

We took a “power walk” with friends Tony and Jenny near the RV park in a flood control project area, with a beautiful, long hiking trail.

Feeling virtuous from all that exercise, we headed into Winnipeg. Winnipeg used to have a reputation of being a boring, prairie town, but it has certainly changed its image now. A bustling city of 750,000, it has a vibrant downtown, centered around an area called The Forks, where 2 rivers come together. There are lots of shops, restaurants, bars, and outside music venues.

Then, off to one of Winnipeg’s 15 breweries. Tony had researched them, selected the best, and planned our itinerary. This one had a super friendly owner/beer pourer.

We paced ourselves, sharing one sampler board at each place, and had lunch in the 3rd one. We skedaddled out of the city before afternoon rush hour.

The RV park continues to be top-notch. We did laundry and cleaned up in their beautiful bathrooms. They are very “homey”. The owner provides cloth wash clothes and bath mats, and keeps everything immaculate.

DINNER: George grilled rotisserie chicken. I served that with potato salad and a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and a few pinches of my oregano that I am hauling around.

BOOK: I finished another: “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware. I had selected it as I enjoyed another of her books “The Girl in Cabin 10”. A pretty good detective novel. 8 stars out of 10.

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