Oh Canada!

CAMPGROUND: Arrowhead RV Park. Friendly, family-owned park, conveniently located near Winnipeg. Trees for shade and level sites. Full hook-ups. $36 USD/night. 5 stars out of 5.
LOCATION: Ils de Chene, Manitoba, about 15 miles south of Winnipeg.
WEATHER: Sunny. High 78, but nice and cool in the evening.

We had an unhurried start to the day in Grand Forks. We took a walk and got caught up with wifi at Burger King for coffee. At most fast food restaurants, like BK and McDonald’s, we see old men sitting around gabbing and drinking coffee. These fast food places have seemingly replaced the old cafes where this small talk used to take place.

We stocked up at a grocery, and then hit the interstate north to the border. We passed huge fields – sugar beets and potatoes, we think. Pretty desolate country.

We have never had issues at the Canadian border before. We typically find the immigration people to be folksy and nice (unlike their US counterparts), only ensuring that we are not bringing guns into Canada. This time, however, we managed to get a grumpy guy. No chit chat with him. We were honest when we told him we had more wine and beer than is allowed. After a lot of blunt questioning, he sent us into the office to pay duty. He seemed very angry. I can’t help but think that part of this gruff manner is due to Trump’s trade policies and the fact that most Canadians do not like Trump at all. We paid the duty and were off. Next stop was the Manitoba Welcome Center, and the ladies there, by contrast, were very, very welcoming.

From the border, we drove about an hour north and found the RV park where our friends Tony and Jenny are camping. We first met them in 2013 when we had just started this life on the road. They are from Nova Scotia, and we met them at a provincial park in Newfoundland. Since that time, we have met each other on the road about 15 times – South Dakota, Michigan, and British Columbia. We have visited each other’s houses in Texas and Nova Scotia, and even met up in Belgium (sans the RVs). This summer they are traveling from Canada’s coast to coast and back- Nova Scotia to Vancouver- Nova Scotia. We will spend about 3 weeks together this summer, from Manitoba to Alberta.

DINNER: When we are with Tony and Jenny, we rotate dinner duty. Tonight was Tony’s turn, and he grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Sauteed onions and mushrooms were a nice addition.

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