Sorry to our Minnesota friends

CAMPGROUND: Wal-Mart parking lot (North store)
LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota
WEATHER: Beautiful. High 75

After a nice quiet night in the Harvest Host winery parking lot, we watched the sun come up over the winery.We did some chores on the Airstream. George put air in all of the tires, and fixed the refrigerator fan. YAY!We sped through the western part of Illinois. As we approached the Mississippi River, we started seeing lots of flooding. Fields have turned to lakes. There were a lot of houses under water. So sad.Once in Iowa, I started driving. George begged me (unsuccessfully) to stop at several places he thought would be interesting…..Iowa 80 Truck Stop (the world’s largest), Cattle Congress (scary sounding), the Grout Museum (as in ceramic tile grout?), and the John Deere Museum. Nope, I kept on driving.Then, into Minnesota.

Our destination was Rochester, where we lived from 2000-2013, when we retired. As we drove through town, we were amazed at the growth. We had arranged for the replacement meds (the $1600 package that the ranger in the Ohio campground had thrown away) to be sent to our daughter who lives here.We parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot (right under this sign). The manager told us it would be ok, but I was nervous.Then, we met up with our daughter and her boyfriend. They took us around town, then to his parents’ house for a nice dinner. We sat outside in their garden after dinner – I miss these lovely Minnesota summer evenings!We are heading out early tomorrow – in order to make it to Winnipeg in 2 days. So, I must apologize to our Minnesota friends for not getting together. We will be back through here in early September and will spend a week or so here, so hope to see lots of people then.

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