Traveling our nation’s poor Interstates. Wasn’t Trump going to fix them???

CAMPGROUND: Kickapoo Winery through Harvest Hosts

LOCATION: Near Peoria, Illinois
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 74

We were glad we had hooked up last night, as it stormed again during the night. People at the rally waiting until today to pull out will have to do it in the wet grass and mud.

Off to an early 7:00 start, we started our long day of driving. In Dayton, Ohio, we picked up Interstate 70. We had been warned that it was bumpy, and it truly was. It was so bumpy that our trailer brake connection came loose.

We stopped at a rest stop for lunch, and another Airstream rally trailer happened to be there, too. They are on their way back to Colorado. Then, a 3rd Airstream pulled in, someone not related to the rally. We were quite a spectacle.After Indianapolis, road conditions got a little better on Interstate 74. We gained an hour due to time zone change.

This Harvest Host winery is conveniently just a mile off the interstate. This is about the 15th Harvest Host location where we have camped. Harvest Hosts is a network of wineries, breweries, organic farms, golf courses, and museums that allow RVers to park in their parking lot for one night free. This one has a huge parking lot, so it was easy to get set up. After we quickly set up (really just opening the windows), we went into the winery to have a tasting. We always like to support the Harvest Host owners. This one’s wines weren’t all that great. The guy doing the tasting said that the locals prefer sweet wines, so they have designed most of their wines to cater to those tastes. (The people next to us bought 4 bottles of the sweetest!) We found one dry red wine, and bought a bottle.

DINNER: A leftover casserole with added chicken sausage – a casserole made with green beans, chicken, and a tahini sauce. Sides were cucumbers in yogurt, and a salad.

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