Best beer bar in Ohio!

CAMPGROUND: Airstream factory
LOCATION: Jackson Center, Ohio – between Columbus and Dayton
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 78

We started the day with a yoga session – George happily accompanied me. We do it under a tent on the grass. Since it has been raining some, the grass is tall and wet – we were really communing with nature!

After morning educational sessions (on things like electrical safety and propane), we jumped in the truck for a little day trip. We saw a billboard for “The Best Beer Bar in Ohio” so of course we had to check it out.

It was only about 10 miles from the Airstream factory, and indeed it was very good. Not a brewpub, but a bar that has lots of interesting craft beers from all over. The taps rotate on a daily basis, and we observed them changing one of the brews. We had a nice lunch there. We used their wifi to figure out our next route and to reserve a night at a Harvest Host winery.

We saw shards of glass all around our neighbor’s Airstream. Turns out that their (very big) dog crashed through it while they were gone, trying to check out another dog. Wow! Almost everyone here seems to have dogs.

We have arranged to get George’s medications (to replace the ones that the ranger threw away) sent to our daughter in Rochester, Minnesota. So, we are changing our route slightly to go through there.

Back at Alumapalooza, we attended more sessions and toured some 2020 trailers. Nice! Unfortunately, we did not win any door prizes at today’s drawings. Some of the prizes are really nice.

DINNER: George fired up our grill, and we cooked the red fish throats from his fishing trip at South Padre Island, right before we came here. It was nice to get stuff out of the freezer! Sides were a nice salad, and sauteed onions, summer squash, and zucchini.

After dinner, people congregated in a tent near our trailer. A guy had some sheets of copper and helped people make copper bracelets. We pounded out the copper, sandpapered the pieces into shape, then stuck them in hot coals for anealing – a process to give them a patina. Fun!

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