Fun at Alumapalooza

CAMPGROUND: Airstream factory
LOCATION: Jackson Center, Ohio – between Columbus and Dayton
WEATHER: Overcast. High 72

Jackson Center and Airstream have a symbiotic relationship, due to the village’s small population and Airstream’s economic strength. Airstream arranged that we rally attendees can use the public swimming pool’s showers during the rally. So, George and I ventured forth to do that this morning. The pool has not opened for the season yet, so we had to climb over stored pool equipment, like ladders, to get to the showers. They were mediocre at best, but it felt good to get cleaned up.

Today was another educational day. This is a photo of one of the sessions on campfire cooking.

George particularly liked the session on setting up your trailer hitch. He is now convinced that we need to trade in our pick-up for a different kind of tow vehicle. 😦 We also attended a session with Airstream execs so we could communicate our recommendations for changes/enchancements with future trailers. Very interesting.

George attended a session on “riveting”, then decided he needed to do a bit of his own riveting.

Then, in the late afternon we had our daily meeting with lots of door prizes. I won an umbrella. Then, we watched “The Gong Show” – a fun fund-raising event. Some of the acts were quite good; others were a bit painful, like this woman dressed up in a flamingo costume telling bad jokes.

Flamingos are the emblem of Airstream owners. Lots of owners use flamingos in their decor – towels, pictures, stuffed animals, etc. I did my part – and bought a purse with flamingos…

DINNER: The Airstream management team BBQed hamburgers and hot dogs for us. I feel like I have been eating too many calories during this rally!

BOOK: I finished another Jacqueline Winspear novel. Very light – lady detective series that takes place in the early 1900s. 8 stars out of 10

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