A very expensive day…..

CAMPGROUND: In a big grassy lot at the Airstream factory
LOCATION: At the Alumapalooza Rally in Jackson Center, Ohio
WEATHER: Mostly cloudy. High 80

Since we were parked temporarily in one of the Airstream employees’ parking lots, we awoke early as the factory workers noisily arrived to start working at 6:00 AM. We quickly got ready and drove a few blocks to the Airstream service center to be first in line.

They started working on our Airstream at about 7:00. We had the accident repair work – the broken window and the front protector replacement – as well as the shower door – all lined up for them.

While the work was being done, we met up with our friends/neighbors from Retama Village (our tiny house community in Mission, TX). We took a walk around the nice, little town (1400 residents).

The Alumapalooza Rally lasts 5 days and is full of both educational as well as social activities. We attended an interesting session on full-timing.

In between sessions, we were on the phone with the pharmacy and insurance companies to deal with George’s prescription medicines (the ones that the Seneca Lake Park Ranger had thrown away). In a nutshell, insurance will not replace the cost of the meds, and the prescriptions without the co-pay will be $1600. Yikes! Nothing else we can do.

Then, we picked up the Airstream, all nicely repaired, after burning up the credit card with another $950 expense. (It would have been more, but the warranty paid for the new shower door).

Then, we zipped back to the field to park the Airstream. There are several grassy fields where the 500+ Alumapalooza attendees are parked. We are lucky, as some of the other fields have turned to swamps due to the amount of rain this area has had. Some Airtreams and tow vehicles are completely stuck and Airstream is pulling them out with their tractors.

Back to the main Alumapalooza tent for happy hour and a talk by the Airstream COO.

DINNER: We could have taken our food back to the main tent for a community cook-out, but we were pretty pooped. So, we stayed next to our Airstream and George grilled hot dogs. Early to bed.

PS – Tomorrow might be another big ticket day. The refrigerator seems to have quit working!

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