CAMPGROUND: We made it to the Airstream factory where we will be “camping” for the next week.

LOCATION: Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio – in west central Ohio

WEATHER: Overcast. Some rain

But first…..last night was our last night in Seneca Lake Campground. Things got even worse. Since it had been raining, our loud neighbors’ firewood was wet so the kids started spraying lighter fluid all over. The awful smell permeated our trailer. Then, after we finally got to sleep, someone’s alarm started going off. It went on for about 30 minutes. So irritating.

Then, this morning, we faced the challenge of pulling out of the campsite. We were on a fairly steep slope and it was muddy. George was afraid that he couldn’t get enough traction to pull out the trailer. So, my job was to move the boards from under the tires at a certain point. He did it masterfully. Then, we had to dump our black and gray water. Normally, people are very considerate and carefully try to dump their “stuff” in the hole. The hillbillies in front of us just dumped their honey wagon in the general drain, not specifically the hole, and stuff went everywhere. Yuck!

We got out of there about 10:00 AM, and headed here. We drove through Columbus, but it wasn’t bad as it was Memorial Day. We had a nice picnic along the way, and arrived here in the early afternoon. As we entered the factory parking lot to figure out where to park, we told the volunteer that we had a special situation. She immediately said, “Oh you must be the Reids! Welcome to the Mothership. We will help you!” What a fantastic welcome. They instructed us where to park and assured us that the Service Department would be waiting for us at 7:00 AM tomorrow.. Fantastic customer service!!

We attended a BBQ and chatted with our Airstream friends Joe and Jinny, also from Retama Village (our tiny house location).

The evening was very pleasant. We went to bed about 10:00 with all the windows wide open, as we do not have electricity for A/C.

We awoke at 11:00 as rain was blowing in. As I started closing everything, I saw a man approach our trailer. It was one of the volunteers herding everyone into the factory as tornados were coming our way. So, we all huddled inside one of the Airstream buildings to wait out the storm. We found out later that some did touch down, just a few miles from here.

After an hour or so, the “all clear” was announced and we went back to bed.

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