Amish Country

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Seneca Lake Park and Campground. See previous comments.
LOCATION: Senecaville, Ohio, about 150 miles south of Cleveland
WEATHER: Some rain. High 80 Another noisy night. Our neighbors had a party and stayed up talking (right below our bedroom window) until the wee hours. Holiday weekends are the only time we don’t like camping.Our other neighbors are quite nice. In front of us are seasonal people, the folks that helped us get into our sight. I know this will sound unkind and rude, but they are a bit backward. He has a constant wad of chewing tobacco in his bottom lip (and spits all the time) and she is missing several teeth. They are nice, though, and rich (according to what he told us!). In back of us are a quiet Mennonite couple that seem to read all day. On another side are a group of 8 Amish young adults in tents. I was surprised to learn that they are Amish, but the Mennonites told us they are. They heard them speaking Pennsylvania Dutch and said that they are typical from this area. These Amish young people drive a pick-up truck, have a motorboat, smoke, and use cell phones, none of which I thought were allowed. One of the girls dresses like a “regular” girl, and the other 2 girls have on more traditional Amish dresses. The Mennonites told us that the Amish have this type of freedom at this age, then turn traditional once they marry. Interesting! Just as it was threatening rain, we jumped in the truck and took off for a day trip. We drove on the backroads around Amish country. The Amish farms are always the neatest. This one had a buggy in front. On other farms, I spotted young Amish girls with their bonnets on working in the barn.This is also gas and oil country. The dirt roads we were on are owned by the oil company. Then, our road ended and the oil trucks are not allowed farther.We drove about 35 miles south to Marietta, Ohio, a nice little college town. We found a laundry, dropped off the dirty clothes, and zipped into a brewpub. Lunch was a tasty, small pizza and beers.Marietta is on the Ohio River, and the old downtown, where the brewpub is, has been preserved nicely. Back to the laundry to move the clothes to the dryer, then a quick trip over the Ohio River to West Virginia, just to say we went there today. We are truly in Appalachia. Then, a stop at the grocery store to stock up for next week at the Airstream rally, where the town there has no grocery. We also stopped at a roadside vegetable market (our first on this trip) for some nice veg. DINNER: A great salad using the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber from the vegetable market today. Main course was not too interesting – the leftover beef lentil dish jazzed up with rice and sauteed onions.

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