Stuck on an island!

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Seneca Lake Park and Campground. See yesterday’s comments
LOCATION: Senecaville, Ohio – south of Cleveland
WEATHER: Very nice. High 80. Partly cloudy with some rain storms.

The campground just keeps getting worse. Last night, new neighbors arrived at about midnight, lit a huge bonfire, and talked loudly for about 4 hours. At one point, George asked them to be careful about not letting the flames spark the awning. Due to the nice overnight temps, we had our windows open, and we couldn’t sleep due to their noise.

This morning dawned beautifully. We walked over to the marina and reserved a fishing boat for the afternoon.

Then, we went into the village of Senecaville to talk with the post office people to try to find George’s meds that were sent to the campground. They confirmed that they had been delivered. I learned something – the post office scans a package when it is delivered and even takes a picture of the location. So, we had proof. The delivery person even called the campground for us to tell them she remembered delivering it. So, back we went to the campground office to get to the bottom of this. We finally talked with the manager who tried to help. He called all his staff to ask whether they remembered it. He promised to get back with us later. The meds are important heart meds that George needs after his open-heart surgery. Also, they are quite expensive. Even with insurance, they are $350. The insurance will not give George another supply for that same price, so having to replace the meds will be $1000+.

We hopped into the little john-boat around noon. Boy, does it look smal! As soon as we took off, it started raining. Then, it began to pour. We anchored near a little island with some tree cover. While we were hunkered down, George fished a bit and we ate our picnic sandwiches.

When the rain finished, we realized that we were stuck in the mud. The motor had buried itself when the waves pushed us against the land. We pushed and pushed. No luck. I was beginning to get a little worried. Then, I decided to just get in the water and deal with it. I ended up being the hero as I finally got us out.

The afternoon was quite nice. George didn’t catch any fish, but we enjoyed our time on the lake.

When we arrived back at our campsite, a ranger greeted us. He told us that he was the one that had accepted the package of medicines and THREW THEM AWAY! We appreciate his honesty but WHY???? Since it is the weekend, there is nothing we can do today. He will call Mayo Clinic and see what can be done.

DINNER: George made a fire and we grilled the second half of the redfish that he had caught in the Gulf of Mexico last week. He cooked it skin down. When it was mostly cooked, we spread some panko on the top with two cubes of oregano-butter I had made in Texas. Covered with aluminum foil, we turned it over and finished cooking it. Superb! Sides were rice and chipotle corn. (I am glad to get that big fish filet out of the freezer!)

BOOK: I finished a book that had been recommended by one of my book club, “Crossing to Safety” by Wallace Stegner. The author does an excellent job of character development, telling the life story of a friendship of two couples. 8 out of 10 stars.

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