Made it to our first destination

CAMPGROUND: Seneca Lake Park and Campground. On Seneca Lake, although our site only has a distant view of the lake. Not a happy camper here. 1/2 star out of 5 (and I am being generous). Grassy, muddy site with serious downward slope. 30-amp only electricity. No water. Picnic table. No wifi. No cell service. No TV reception. Crowded. $36/night plus taxes and reservation fees (more comments later)
LOCATION: Senecaville, Ohio – in east central part of the state. 50 miles east of Columbus
WEATHER: We finally got out of the heat! Very pleasant. High 75. Some rain showersWe were able to open up and sleep without air conditioning.

We heard some rain drops during the night, then the birds woke us up with their chirping. So nice. We left our campground north of Lexington, Kentucky and headed toward Senecaville, Ohio. It was only 150 miles, but we chose to take the back roads, so it took all day to get here. We drove through a lot of little towns, some dressed up with flags for Memorial Day weekend. Some fairly wealthy looking; others quite poor and run-down. One town had a round-about in its center. I was driving at the time, and missed the round-about exit, so I had to drive around the circle twice. I’m sure we made a strange spectacle! We drove through parts of the Appalachia Mountains. I hadn’t realized that Ohio had mountains. High point (really low point) was when the “only a few miles left in the gas tank” light came on. We had to just keep going on. Town after town without gas stations. There wasn’t a shoulder on the road, so I worried about how we would pull off if we did run out of gas. Thankfully, about 10 miles from the campground, and with a below-empty gas gauge, we passed under an interstate, and voila’ – a heaven-sent gas station.

I had some bad premonitions about this campground, and unfortunately, they proved correct. I had booked this about 4 months ago for 4 nights, knowing that places would fill up early for Memorial Day weekend. We wanted to be close to the Airstream factory, where we have a rally next week. This was the only place where I found availability, and we are 150 miles away! Then, last week, George called the campground and asked if he could have his prescription package mailed here. They said yes, so we arranged for that. He tracked the package online, and when he saw that it arrived a few days ago, he called the campground to remind them that we were on our way. The person he spoke to rudely told him that they would not/could not accept any packages. If he weren’t here to collect it, it would be sent back. He pleaded with them, saying that they are life-saving (which they are – heart meds) and very expensive, but they essentially said “Tough!” So today when we arrived, they indeed did not have the package. They told us to check with the village post office.So, we got our site assignment (no map), and drove into the campground. It was solid back-to-back-RVs, all looking like they were permanent. We drove by about 400 of them (looking at the numbers of the sites). We could not find our site after driving around and around. So, back to the office we went (2 miles or so). They informed us that we were in a different campground around the lake – on the marina side. (Why didn’t they tell us this in the first place?). So, off we drove around the lake, about 5 miles. This section, too, looked like it was full with RVs set up permanently or on a seasonal basis. We could not find our site. After driving around (and taking out one guy’s flowers in the front yard), I got out of the truck and started walking around. It was too narrow to keep driving around with the Airstream – cars and boats parked along the narrow road. The numbers of the sites did not flow logically. Finally, I found a dirt area with chunks of concrete, 3 broken-down picnic tables, and a pole with our site number, tossed on the ground. Yep! This is our site! Clearly, it was not usable. It was too short, nowhere to park, and was being used as a dump area. So back 5 miles to the office to see what we could do. I had not noticed any empty sites, so what are we supposed to do on a late Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend!?The office staff (a bunch of teenagers without a clue) told us we could check on 2 other sites that they reserved for walk-ins. So, back 5 miles to the other campground we went.

We found a site that we thought could possibly work, and George started to try to park. We were very, very lopsided. Thankfully, a neighbor stopped by and told us which angle to use to park it. He was very helpful, got us some boards to put under the tires, and we finally got situated (even though I think we are dangerously perched on a too steep hill).That same neighbor drove around and brought us back a firepit we can use while we are here.George added more layers of tarp to the broken window frame, as rain is predicted this weekend.We relaxed outside the trailer. Perfect evening temperatures. We chatted with the nice neighbors. They are still working, and live here at the lake during the summer. She is an EMT, and told us a sad story about a car crashing into an Amish buggy last week near here.DINNER: The last of the meals I had made in Texas before we left. This was a lentil, beef, and veg stew. Side was a bunch of vegetables in a cheese sauce.

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