Bourbon country!

CAMPGROUND: Blue Lick Battlefield State Park. Electricity and water. Firepit. So-so bathrooms. $26/night. No TV. 4 stars out of 5
LOCATION: An hour north of Lexington, Kentucky
WEATHER: Hot – 88 and mostly sunny.

We drove almost the entire width of Kentucky today – from the southwest to northeast corners. We drove only about 280 miles, as we lost an hour due to Eastern Time Zone and with a nice lunch-time stop. We stayed mostly off the major highways, following scenic byways. Our off-the-beaten-path route took us by Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, so we stopped. It is a national park, and very well-done. We watched a movie about Lincoln’s early days, then climbed the 56 steps (56 for his age at death) of the monument that houses a replica of the log cabin where he was born. Then, we had a nice picnic lunch in the parking lot!The countryside was beautiful, rolling hills with corn and hay. As we approached Lexington, we started seeing huge southern mansions with thoroughbreds romping in the fields. This campground was right off the highway, and we arrived here around 4:00, a perfect time to stop and call it a day.After we set up (nothing much to do as we are not unhooking), we saluted a successful day with a glass of Kentucky bourbon – of course!

DINNER: Pasta with a kale pesto cream sauce and chicken sausage.

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