Yikes! Broken window!

CAMPGROUND: Percy Quin State Park. Unexpected gem! Full hook-ups, firepit, picnic table, stand-up grill, and gorgeous views of the lake. $16/night, but no one was there to take our money, so free! 5 stars out of 5
LOCATION: McComb, Mississippi, between New Orleans and Jackson, Mississippi
WEATHER: Muggy. High 92This was our route yesterday…We rocked and rolled in the Airstream at Galveston Island State Park all night long. Winds of 35 mph kept us awake most of the night. The air conditioner struggled to keep us cool with the high humidity. We were better off than the tenters all around us, whose tents fell apart and whose gear blew away.We got a nice, early start from Galveston Island. We crossed the bay on a free ferry. A really nice way to avoid the traffic of Galveston and HoustonWhen we disembarked from the ferry, we drove about 50 miles along the Bolivar Peninsula. It was high tide and the signs warning about water on the road were correct!We stopped for a bathroom break, and to my dismay, I found the shower door on the floor! How it didn’t break or gouge the floor is a miracle. And even worse……..George discovered that our side window was shattered and that the front window protector was half broken off. We think it must have happened when we ran over a piece of metal on the highway. It is strange, though, that it didn’t do anything to the aluminum side. We stopped at a hardware store, bought a tarp, removed all the glass shards, and lined the window frame with the tarp. Just hope we don’t run into rain. We callled the Airstream factory (where we are heading next week) to see if they can fit us in while we are there for the rally. Back on the road, we got on Interstate 10. How awful! Hundreds (seemingly thousands) of big semis barreling down the road. Lots of construction. Terrible bumpy conditions. We passed by lots of refineries. We had planned to avoid I-10 by going north, but changed our route as we needed to avoid the bad tornados and flooding in northern Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. So, we had to travel east first. We finally turned north in Baton Rouge. Much better!By this time, it was 4:30, and we had managed 350 miles for the day, even with our stops. We stumbled upon this beautiful state park right north of the Misssissippi/Louisiana state line. We found a site with a great view of the lake and settled in. Bliss!DINNER: I was planning another of my prepared dishes, but George was excited about the stand-up grill and the free charcoal that someone had left. So, we had grilled hamburgers and leftover potato salad. Very tasty!

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