And…….we’re off!

LOCATION: Galveston Island, not far from Houston
CAMPGROUND: Galveston Island State Park. We had reserved, so we luckily have a site on the beach. Those without reservations are inland around a mosquito-y swamp. Really nice new bathrooms/showers. Each site has a sun shelter with a picnic table and firepit. $20. Water and electricity at each site. 4 stars out of 5
WEATHER: Muggy. Windy. High 88

We left Mission at 7:00, right on schedule! We have to be in eastern Ohio by Friday, so really have to push it every day. We drove 385 miles today, much longer than we like to do.

About 1:00, we said we should look for a city park or somewhere with shade and picnic tables. Voila! Instantly, we saw a park with lovely live oak trees, with a pond, and picnic tables. A bunch of geese and ducks came out to great us.

As we ate our lunch (potato salad), the geese and ducks licked off bugs and dust from our truck. Very strange!

We passed a lot of oil refineries and followed mostly secondary roads. We pulled into the state park at about 3:30 – a long day!

After setting up, we took a nice walk on the beach.

We had a little disagreement. George hates the 50-amp cord which we call the Anaconda (it lives up to its name), so he tried just the 30-amp smaller cord. The 30-amp only can support one A/C, which just didn’t cut it. George gave in to my pouting and complaining, and we hooked up the 50-amp cord. I am now sitting in air-conditioned bliss!

DINNER: Before we left our tiny house in Mission, I cooked several meals as I didn’t know what to expect on this first leg. George did a beer-can chicken on the grill, and I used the cooked chicken to make several meals – chicken parmesan, North African chicken, chicken salad, chicken broth….you get my drift. Tonight I warmed up the chicken parmesan, which was pretty good.

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