Fishing Trip to South Padre Island

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Hot (97) and sunny

We took off early this AM for a fishing trip from South Padre Island. We almost missed the 8:00 AM boat, as we miscalculated the time to get there, considering school zones. We called and they held the boat for us for a few minutes. Then, off we went!

We saw Elon Musk’s SpaceEx in the near distance. We fished in one place for awhile, and George sadly didn’t catch anything while others caught a lot of redfish. Then, we went to another place and suddenly he and the others caught a lot of whiting. Back to the first place, he finally caught his redfish. Very nice!

I just went along for the ride. The boat trip ended at noon, when we were all ready to head in due to the sun and heat. The guides cleaned our fish for us. This was the total haul…

On our way home, we stopped at a nursery and bought some bushes. Interestingly, it is the end of the planting season here, so plants were on sale. We bought oleander to plant around our unsightly utility box and some jasmine to coax along our back fence, to help with privacy.

DINNER: Whiting, of course! I dredged it in a little flavored panko, then seared the filets in butter. At the end I added sliced ginger and a sprinkle of soy sauce. Sides were Asian vegetables and rice. You can’t get much fresher than this!

BOOK: I finished a very strange book today. Written by Swedish author Jonas Joanasson, “The Further Adventures of a 100-year-old-man” is quirky and politically very incorrect. He lambasts all politicians, especially Trump. I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

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