Back in the USA

LOCATION: Our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Yucky hot. 96

Our community, Retama Village, seems changed after only two months away. Everything is green, green, and lots of flowers and bushes are in full bloom. There are a few butterflies munching on their favorite bushes in front of our house.

The other big change is all the new construction and “Sold” signs around the village. Business must be good! It looks like they are building all types of houses – regular houses, the tall RV port homes, tiny houses, and cottages.

See for photos of home types.

We had a huge, strong rain one morning. More than 3 inches in less than 15 minutes. The streets flooded, a bit scary. A tree even fell down onto a houses.

We are busy packing up and tying up details here in the house. I am also back to exercise classes – chair yoga and water aerobics. It is good to do the classes again.

Another change is more WALL construction. This was an empty field before we left; it is now fencing materials for the you–know-what.

We took a drive down some country roads near our house and saw lots of this….

DINNER: We have been grilling quite a bit – hamburgers and hot dogs. I made a good side dish with lots of veggies in a light cheese sauce.

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