Back to the USA!

LOCATION: From Tlaquepaque, Mexico, back to Mission, Texas via Houston
WEATHER: Rain in Houston. Cloudy here. High 80

Today is Mothers’ Day in Mexico, a national holiday. Everyone is off work. After breakfast at our B&B, we strolled to the plaza to work off some of those refried beans. The streets were jammed – people everywhere. Traffic was at a standstill and people were looking for places to park. We walked down the pedestrian mall. In front of each restaurant were long lines of people waiting to take their mothers to breakfast.

We said “adios” to our B&B and took an Uber to the airport. After a quick 20-minute ride, we arrived at the airport.

We had lots of time to wait, and then we got an announcement that our plane was late. It had to come from Houston, where there was bad weather. I already had a tight connection, and now was worried that I wouldn’t make my connecting flight.

While at the Guadalajara airport, I saw this billboard……It says that this hospital in Guadalajara is now in collaboration with Mayo Clinic (my former employer), the #1 hospital in the USA. Go Mayo!

We did arrive late in Houston. Customs and Immigration were a breeze and then…….Security (again!) I just don’t understand why airports require a TSA check for a connecting flight, when one has not left the secured area. In any case, there was a long, slow-moving line, with only one TSA checkpoint of course. My carry-on was pulled out for a second review. (I was bringing some silverware to our homeowners which was suspicious, I guess). I had mere minutes to catch my flight. I ran to the gate and boarded the airplane, saying goodbye to Alexis while running.

George picked me up at the Harlingen airport, and all is well.

DINNER: Halibut sauteed just slightly in a butter sauce. Side salad with heirloom tomatoes. Yum!

Good to be back!

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