Tipplin’ Trip to Tequila!

LOCATION: Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 90

We had researched ways to go to Tequila, another one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos”. The Tequila Train is a popular method @ $100+ USD. Tours were equally expensive. So, we decided to take the local bus. When we arrived at the bus station, the Tequila Plus bus was just getting ready to leave…

A 2-hour bus ride was about $5 each.

Tequila is only about 35 miles from Guadalajara, but it takes more than one hour just to get out of town.

As we neared Tequila, we started seeing a lot of agave ranches.

We were the only gringos on the bus. When we got off, we refused offers for distillery tours, and started exploring on our own.

First we found the town square with its beautiful cathedral (with a tour bus in front)

Tequila is everywhere – almost every shop is a bar or a retail tequila shop. We checked out the luxurious Jose Cuervo distillery, the oldest tequila distillery in the world – from the 1500s.

We decided not to do the tour, and headed straight to the tasting room. The bartenders were super friendly. We shared a sample of an expensive one and a medium-priced one, to compare the two.

Then, we stumbled upon another tasting room – this one representing hundreds of tequilas from Tequila. The bartender was really knowledgeable. We were the only ones there, and she spent a lot of time talking with us.

Then, the 2+hour bus ride back. I would recommend the bus to anyone wanting to visit Tequila on a budget, but there were some drawbacks…..on the way there, the driver had some music playing very loudly. On the way back, the A/C wasn’t working and we sweated profusely all the way.

Back at our B&B, we showered and hit the streets again. We walked around the busy plaza, then had a drink at another rooftop restaurant. It was a high-end place and we didn’t feel comfortable, so we found a really cute restaurant for dinner on a side-street. Alexis had a shrimp dish and I ate her side dishes – bread with a sort of ricotta cheese.

A very nice day to end our trip to Mexico! Tomorrow we head back to the USA.

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