All Around Ajijic

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 90

We caught an early bus for Ajijic, where I did my final line-dancing class. It has been fun dancing with a different group, but all of the dances were new to me, and I felt clumsy much of the time. Oh well – great exercise!

After the class, we took photos of the beautiful grounds.

We walked around the streets along the lake. There are many beautiful haciendas; most of them are so colorful.

We peeked into this beautiful, historic posada (inn). The decor and furniture are all “old Mexico”.

Lunch was a shared shrimp skewer at a restaurant along the lake. Unfortunately, since it is a tourist place, we had to endure all the vendors who approached us selling their wares – fruit, jewelery, blankets, hats, and garlic bulbs. We noticed that they approached the Mexicans, too, not just us gringos.

Then, we walked along the malecon (boardwalk). A delightful breeze kept us deceptively cool, and only later did Alexis discover her sunburned shoulders.

This is our final day in this part of the Mexican state of Jalisco. Ajijic has been a fun place to visit while we stayed in smaller, quieter Jocotepec.

Back home, we packed up a bit and played with Frida, our dog.

DINNER: Being our last night, it was leftovers, of course: stir-fried orzo and rice with Asian-style cauliflower and onions. Side was a salad of nopales (marinated cactus), basil from the patio pot, and tomatoes.

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