Lunch with a view

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 90

I took Frida for her daily walk to the malecon. She is a rescue dog, and must have been abused when she was on the street. She gets really skittish around loud motorcycles and cars, and with aggressive dogs. I take a walking stick to ward off street dogs.

Ray and Rose, the housesitters who are taking over our assignment when we finish, came over to the house for some orientation. They have a car and we all decided to try out a restaurant on a hill overlooking Lake Chapala.

What a great decision! It was really special!!!

We snagged a table overlooking the lake. The size of the lake makes you think you are on some exotic island.

There was a beautiful breeze, and we took our time, slowly ordering, savoring the food, chatting over drinks, and overall just enjoying the experience.

George and I split a bass filet in a Veracruz sauce. Ray ordered some fish fritters for all of us to share.

On our way home, we stopped at a roadside stand to buy some ice cream which is famous from Jocotepec. I passed, as I was too full, but others really enjoyed theirs.

DINNER: I was still full to even think about food, but George was game for more. He warmed up his leftover T-bone from his birthday dinner on the grill.

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