Moving Day

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 90

We awoke at about 6:00 AM to fireworks. We can’t figure out if it is a special holiday, or people just celebrating the weekend.

Today is moving day. A guy is coming this afternoon to pick up the homeowners’ stuff to take to the USA. So, this morning, we took all the boxes out to the patio in preparation of his arrival.

We walked downtown to buy some prescriptions (without prescriptions) from a discount pharmacy. In Mexico, you can buy just about anything without a prescription. When we travel for long periods, sometimes we run out of our meds (before we can get a shipment sent to wherever we are at the time) , so it is nice to have a few extra on hand. On our way home, a pickup-full of goats passed us on its way to a birreria (goat stew restaurant).

The driver came in the afternoon and we helped him load up. He must do this a lot, as he seemed very experienced. He loaded everything in the SUV without any problems.

He plans to leave tomorrow at 4:00 AM, arriving at the border around 2:00 PM, then see how long it takes to get through the border. We wish him good luck!

We went out to Frida’s Restaurant nearby for dinner with the landlords who were here for the van loading. We shared a delicious Asian salad with grilled shrimp.

After dinner, we sat on the patio at home listening to what is called the Rain Bird. It is an insect like a cicada with the most unusual, distinct, (and loud) sound. They say that once you hear it, it means that that the rainy season will start in 6 weeks. With the sounds we have heard the last 2 evenings, that means the rains should start mid-June, which is pretty much on schedule.

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