Pampering the Birthday Boy

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 90

Today is George’s 74th birthday. His newest idea is to tell people that he is 82, so they will say how good he looks!

He started the day with a big plate of blueberry pancakes.

While he pampered himself with stretching and yoga, I took Frida down to the malecon for her daily walk. Sheer happiness, as always.

Then, we walked to downtown where he was in search of a manicure and hair cut. The only manicurist we found said she was booked for the day. The barber shops all seemed to be closed. We found a beauty salon, and I asked the guy if he would cut George’s hair, and he said yes. Here is the “before” look….

And here is the “after” shot…A cut and shave for $4.

The barber told George he looks good for his age. In Spanish, the literal translation is something like “well-preserved”. So, I told the barber that the beer is a good preservation method.

Then, we mosied to the Jocotepec square and joined some gringos for a coffee. He splurged with some homemade blueberry ice cream.

Lunch was his favorite – a BLT – at home on the patio.

A quiet afternoon, with a siesta when it was the hottest.

Then, we walked back downtown to a nice steak house.

The restaurant is in a courtyard with antique decorations.

The owner’s little girl played next to our table.

George ordered a T-bone and said it was excellent. I had a platter of guacamole tacos. Everything was great, but just too much food!

As we walked home at about 8:00, everyone else was strolling back to the square for a Friday night soiree.

He topped the day with a slice of birthay flan. A nice day for the birthday boy!

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