Cucarachas and other Mexican critters

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico

WEATHER: HOT. Sunny 90+

Everyone (not just gringos) is complaining about the heat. It didn’t cool off during the night as it usually does.

As we stood waiting for the bus, we chatted with a Mexican neighbor. He was born here, lived in Texas and California for 35 years, then returned here to retire “for a better qualify of life”. That surprises most Americans, I think (to have the choice between USA and Mexico, and to choose Mexico). I guess the same thing can be said for the hundreds of Americans and Canadians who have become permanent residents here, around Lake Chapala.

While we were waiting for the bus, the neighbor proudly showed us his unusual night-blooming cactus.

We took the bus to Ajijic where I did my line-dancing class. We were all sweating a lot, even though we dance in a shaded pavilion. While I was dancing, George took photos of the gardens. Beautiful…

We sat in the shady park-like setting while I cooled off. Then, we hiked about a mile to the west side of Ajijic to our favorite brewpub. It is an interesting walk – first through Gringoland, then through Mexican sidestreets, and then arriving at a plaza with an upscale Mexican restaurant, a French bakery/bistro, and this American-style brewpub.

We shared their Tueday special – fish and chips, which were nicely done. I tried not to think that the fish probably was tilapia caught from the nearby polluted Lake Chapala.

Then, bus ride back home. I tried to read, but in the heat of the afternoon, my eyelids would’t stay open and I napped, too.

Mexican “critters” are a way of life here. On our first day here, we spotted a scorpion. A friend was bitten by one hiding in his bath towel, biting him as he was drying off from a shower. Ouch! We have to carefully shake out our shoes before putting them on.

And then, there are brown recluse spiders. We saw one of those in the house, too. We know 2 people who have serious health issues resulting from their bites.

And then there are cucarachas, my favorite…..NOT! I just hate these things, but they are everywhere – dead and alive.

It finally started to cool off in the evening, and we enjoyed a drink, then dinner, on the patio.

DINNER: Using leftover rotisserie chicken, I made a chicken parmesan dish. Side was salad with some tasty tomatoes we found.

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