Scenes around our Mexican town

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 90. Brutal sunshine

Every morning as I sip my coffee, I peruse the emails I receive from Trusted Housesitters, the website we use to find our assignments. I receive 2 emails per day with new opportunities. Today one from Tahiti caught my eye. It had only been posted 4 hours, but already had 50+ applicants. I applied anyway….who knows?

I took Frida by myself to the malecon (lakefront boardwalk) while George got ready for the day. I picked up a stick to protect Frida from any male admirerers. We did fine.

When we returned, George decided to give her a bath. She seemed to like it – probably cooled her off.

We walked downtown to do some shopping. Since we are at such a high elevation (5000+ feet), the sun beats down brutally. It was so intense while we were walking that my skin was stinging.

As we walk downtown, we see different scenes each day. This house is growing a lot of flowers on its roof.

These ladies are selling some sort of bean snack. They look like soybeans, but are bigger. Sometimes they boil them; othertimes they eat them raw.

Beautiful trees are everywhere. The jacaranda are ending their blooms, and others are starting up.

Artists do nice murals. This building is a wall of skulls….

We stopped to buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

Back home, we were boiling, so George made a smoothie out of the mamey fruit we had leftover from breakfast. He added fresh mango and pineapple, yogurt, and…..tequila. It turned out really well. Tasted like a pina colada.

DINNER: Rotisserie chicken. We finished it off on the grill, which gives it a nice crunch. Side was grilled asparagus.

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