A big food day. Vampires for Easter?

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 85

It seems like we ate all day, and absolutely nothing was Easter-like. Breakfast was an adventure into trying mamey. It is an interesting fruit found in Central and South America. It tastes strangely like cooked, pumpkin pie filling.

I had bought the mamey yesterday at our favorite fruit/veg shop. (It is the one where the young clerk chased us down when George inadvertently left his money clip full of pesos there last week). I had told him I wanted a mamey to eat today, and he carefully found one that he said would be perfectly ready today.

It was just so-so. George is going to make a smoothie with the rest of it – with pineapple, yogurt, ice, and……tequila. We’ll let you know about how it turns out.

We also bought empanadas yesterday, and they too were a surprise. The inside filling was cooked and hardened evaporated milk. The dough was sprinkled with sugar.

Then, we walked downtown to see if anything was going on for Easter. The plaza was packed with shoppers and people just strolling around. We stopped at the coffee shop to see what the gringos were up to. Then, over to a local bar for a beer and complimentary spicey peanuts.

We joined the shoppers and bought shirts. Mine is from Chiapas, and George’s is from Oaxaca.

Back home to run around the yard with Frida and for lunch, smoked turkey tacos.

After napping (George) during the hot part of the day, we took the bus about 8 miles east of here to the “zona turistica”, a section of Lake Chapala chock full of lakeside restaurants.

There are guys standing in the road, beckoning drivers to stop at their place.

We picked one randomly, ensuring it had a nice view of the lake..

The most popular drink here is called Vampiros (Vampires). As its name suggests, it is kind of like a Bloody Mary, but with added citrus.

The waiter brought tons of complimentary snacks to accompany the Vampire….chips and guacamole, ceviche, and fried, tiny fish similar to sardines. I timidly ate the fish, hoping that it did not come from the polluted lake.

Then, back to the house where Frida was eagerly waiting for her dinner.

We watched a bit of TV via the internet, then walked 2 blocks to the main street where grilled chicken stalls line both sides of the street. One of the chicken places turns in to a pizza place at about 8;00 PM. We wanted to check it out. A pizza was just coming off the grill, so we bought 2 pieces. It was topped with sliced weiners, ham, and pepperoni. The server asked me if we wanted toppings….mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. We passed on those, but did pick up some jalapenos.

We brought the pizza back home. In the end, we were not that hungry, so just split one slice, and saved the second slice for breakfast tomorrow – our favorite breakfast is pizza with a fried egg on top.

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