Mexican Street Food

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 86

We took Frida for another walk to the malecon (lakeside board walk). All it takes is for George to put on his baseball cap, and she goes beserk with happiness.

After the walk, George and I walked a short block to the tortilleria for tortillas. Most people buy huge amounts. I asked if I could just get 10 (even at that we probably can’t get through them all).

They were fresh off the assembly line – you can see the man putting the fresh masa (dough) into the feeder. The tortillas were nice and caliente (quite warm).

And cheap — big stack for $.50

Then, across the street to buy an empanada. Almost every country has some version of this little pie. I asked her what kind (thinking beef or pork) and she said they are filled with milk! We will try them for breakfast tomorrow……stay tuned.

Then a walk to downtown to buy some more groceries. Somethings were closed for Semana Santa (Holy Week), but these guys were busy painting.

We are trying to strengthen our constitutions to start eating street food as it looks and smells so good. Not yet though, for these tacos..

Or for these churros…

Back home for a late lunch followed by a siesta for George and Frida….she follows him everywhere in the house.

Then, back downtown to do some more shopping.. This cowboy was coming in to town for the evening…

DINNER: Hamburgers on the grill. Side were salad and elote (Mexican corn on the cob).

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