Historical Good Friday

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 88

We caught the bus again to Ajijic. This time, a lady got on the bus with a bucket full of live tilapia she had just caught. Everyone is very polite, especially the children. Often, they motion for me (as an old person) to take their seat. It always catches me by surprise….do I look that old to need to sit?

The action was starting in the town square, next to the cathedral. Lots of people, mostly Mexicans, were milling around. We went into the cathedral courtyard where they were just starting the Passion Play.

It was all done by church volunteers. The play was the historical enactment of the trail and flaggelation.

People were everywhere, including kids on the cathedral wall observing…

Afterwards, we went to the plaza for a fresh smoothie and to cool off.

Since the downtown was crowded, we walked about a mile to West Ajijic to a really nice restaurant. On the way we walked by the streets where the processison with the cross was coming…

These actors really worked hard on this, down the street of Ajijic.

At the restaurant, we sat outdoors, of course, near the pool and next to the burros that roam the restaurant lawn. We shared a chimichanga. The 2 burros are named Chardonnay and Margarita. Cute!

Back home, George and Frida had a siesta. We were going to go shopping, but a lot of shops were closed.

DINNER: I made up a recipe using things on hand. It was a casserole with sauteed veg, leftover smoked turkey leg, and leftover rice. I topped it with Oaxacan cheese and panko, baking it all to meld the flavors. Quite nice – eaten, of course, on the outside patio.

BOOK: While George and Frida bond were napping each day, I read. I finished off another book today. It is a paperback we had picked up somewhere on our travels – “In Dubious Battle” by John Steinbeck. I would give it a 7 out of 10, even though I feel guilty not rating it higher. It drags a bit, but Steinbeck does an excellent job of describing the characters and atmosphere – of a story of strikers in an apple orchard in California.

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