A note about garbage….

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico
WEATHER: Sunny. High 89

We have a maid that comes four days a week starting at 8:30 AM. I always feel a bit uncomfortable when she is here. I feel like I have to have finished showering and be dressed, and feel that breakfast should have been eaten and dishes organized for her, all by the time she arrives. George says I fuss too much…

We took Frida for a nice walk around the neighborhood when the house was busy with the maid, gardener, and pool guy. I think Frida could walk all day, and still not be satisfied. When we pass houses with mean-sounding guard dogs, she really cowers, probably remembering her days as a street dog.

A note about garbage. People carefully place their garbage on the sidewalks each day for garbage pick-up. However, most people just put bags out like this….

It does’t take long for the street dogs to get in to the garbage, and then it looks like this….all over town.

And, today we discovered that it is not just the dogs…..The horses are getting into the garbage, too!

Then, someone comes along and sets the garbage on fire, leaving a bad plastic-burning smell and charred glass bottles.

So interesting……the garbage trucks are the McNeilus brand – made in the town next to us in Rochester, Minnesota!

We stopped at the new RV park not far from our house and talked with the (Californian) owner about his progress. They are doing a great job with this.

We returned Frida home to rest, and walked to the Centro to buy some fruit and vegetables. They are so fresh and cheap. Today we bought broccoli, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, onions, cilantro, mushrooms, figs, and raspberries. All for probably under $2.00.

Back home, we played with Frida and soaked our feet in the swimming pool. The pool guys think they know how to fix the pool now.

DINNER: Salmon burgers. Lettuce/cilantro salad. Sauteed veg (all the above shopping items mentioned above).

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