Very Pleasant Palm Sunday

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: High 84. Sunny

Before it got too hot, we took Frida down to the Malecon. As soon as we start gathering her leash, she goes ballastic with happiness.

The Malecon (lake boardwalk) was pretty calm since it was early, but they were preparing for a busy Palm Sunday.

We walked on a pier to look at the beautiful birds

This guy was kayaking, using a broken board as an oar.

And this guy was drying tortillas in the sun to use as bait (as tilapia are vegetarians).

On our way home, we passed a dirt lot with a horse and a newborn pony.

We did a little packing up for the homeowners and happily found some paperwork that we had been searching for.

Then, in the late PM, we walked up to the main plaza. Little Indian ladies were weaving ornaments out of palm tree branches for Palm Sunday.

The church on the main square is beautiful, surrounded by trees and bushes.

We decided to people-watch, so sat at an outdoor bar on the plaza. It is very un-touristy. We struck up a conversation with the waiter. Fun!

DINNER: Sauteed shrimp and onions in a garlic, wine sauce – over pasta. Cauliflower with manchego cheese on the side. Quite gourmet!

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