Packing up!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: High 86. Sunny

The other day, the gardeners cut down a dead palm tree. They evened off the stump, and today brought over a flowerpot with orchids for decoration. How nice!

Our homeowners have decided to stay in the USA, due to health issues. This is an unusual twist to our housesitting assignments. Normally, we tidy up when we are finished with an assignment, then welcome home the homeowners. This time, we are going to help with the houseshold packing up, and deal with Frida, our dog. She will either be transported to the USA with their houseshold goods, or move back to where she used to live.

So, we spent most of the day corresponding with the homeowners asking which items stay and which need to be packed up. At the end of the day, we accomplished this…

George and Frida continued listening to the Masters’ Golf Tournament on the internet. George is particularly interested in this one, as we lived in Augusta, Georgia many years ago.

With Frida by his side….

Frida was so absorbed in the golf that she did not come down for her dinner. Golf superceded food — quite unusual!

DINNER: Sea bass filets on the grill, wrapped in aluminum foil with onions and soy sauce. Asian stir-fried veg on the side. Healthy and lo-cal!

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