Expats galore!

LOCATION: House-sitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER:. Sunny. High 87

We had an early start to the day, catching the bus to meet some ex-pats that were taking us to the gringo town of Ajijic. They took us to the Lake Chapala Society where I did line-dancing and George hung out in their Cafe.

Afterwards, we accompanied the couple to the dentist. She had an appointment, and George wanted to see if they could squeeze him in for a cleaning. They did. He was happy with the dentist, and with the price……$9!!!!

Then the couple took us to a new brewpub. The beer was good, and the brewery looked the same as ones in every other country.

Eating in the restaurant was strange…..There was not a single Mexican customer. Everything was in English, and their menu was very American. We shared a large order of chicken wings for $2.50.

Frida was ecstatic to welcome us home. She and George bonded all PM watching the Masters Golf Tournament on his computer.

DINNER: George grilled a HUGE smoked turkey leg. It is so big that we think it might have been an ostrich leg!

Side was stir-fried veg, including nopales (cactus strips).

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