A visit to Gringo-landia

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 86

We caught the local bus on the corner next to our house, just by flagging it down.. Our destination was Ajijic, about 20 miles away. It is located on the central part of the lake, and is the home of many Americans and Canadians, as well as a few Europeans. The ride took an hour+ as it stopped every few minutes to pick up someone or to drop someone off. The bus was like an old school bus. There was a sign saying “no smoking” but the driver was puffing away. We got off and found the Lake Chapala Society. It is an association that offers the expats who live here resources, like exercise classes, field trips, Spanish lessons, legal advice, presentations, and movies. There are English libraries, DVD library, and a coffee shop. It is a collection of buildings in a lovely park-like setting.

I did an hour of line-dancing. I didn’t know the dances, but figured them out fairly easily due to my classes at Retama Village.

We decided to join the Society for a month. I will be able to do line-dancing, and perhaps a Spanish brush-up class. A lady from the class gave us a ride to Wal-Mart in Ajijic. I HATE Wal-Marts in the USA, but here it is like a luxury shop. There were lots of choices of food and wine. About 75% of the shoppers were English-speaking. Unfortunately, I observed several “ugly Americans” rudely shouting their orders in English, angry that the locals only speak Spanish. We took the bus home at about 1:45. Bad timing. It is when many of the shops close and schools get out, so the bus was jam-packed.

DINNER: Shrimp on the grill with onions and garlic. Side was Mexican rice, as well as nopales (cactus) strips that I had bought from a lady selling them on the street.

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