Lots of Highpoints…Trees and Culture

LOCATION: Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny. High 80

We walked to the town center, about 6 blocks from our house.

We had heard that some gringos meet daily for coffee there in a coffee shop without a name “next to the Telcel store.” We found it easily and joined a group who live here permanently.

It was fun meeting with them and we learned a few tidbits about getting around. The square is quite pretty.

There are a lot of makeshift food stalls with yummy smells.

We want to check out this culture center one day.

On our way home, in an unsupervised moment, George stopped at a vegetable/fruit stand to buy tomatoes and tomatilllos. He joined me about 3 blocks down the street. Suddenly, a young man came running down the street to us, waving George’s money clip with ALL our money. He had left it at the fruit stand and this boy found it. He asked us to check to make sure it was all there. Wow! What a high!

Speaking of highs, back home some workers arrived to work on the palm trees in our backyard. He quickly climbed a tree to assess the damage from a beetle killing trees in the area.

He sprayed and trimmed a lot of fronds. Who says Mexicans are lazy? He and his partner worked hard for several hours. The final job was to cut down one palm that had completely died.

Our backyard was a war zone for awhile. When they finished, they cleaned it all up.

The two Canadians we had met the other day came over for margaritas and chips/guacamole. They are getting ready to return home after 6 months here in their RVs. We all went out for wood-fired pizzas for dinner.

A busy day, with a lot of highs!

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