First day housesitting in Mexico

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico

WEATHER: Sunny and hot (87)

We had another nice Mexican breakfast in our B&B in Tlaquepaque, and then called Uber to take us about 35 miles (1+ hour) to Jocotepec. The driver didn’t look at the destination until we got in the car. He was dumbfounded, and was reluctant to take us so far. A B&B employee convinced him to take us, and said he could probably get someone on the return trip. So, off we went!

After about a half hour, we arrived at the lake. Traffic began to crawl. It is full of tourists, some gringos and others Mexican. Lots of beach-type restaurants, shops, real estate offices. We continued through several towns until we hit the far western side of the lake, where Jocotepec is. It doesn’t appear to be touristy, like the other towns.

When we arrived at the house, things were a little chaotic. The maid was busy dusting and sweeping, the gardener was dealing with a palm tree whose top had fallen off during the night, and one of the landlord was trying to figure out why the pool water had turned green. After they cleared out, we explored the house. The homeowners have just recently moved here, so some things are still a work in progress. It is a large 2-story house with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There is a beautiful shaded patio where I think we will “live”.

We walked to the main square and found a tiny cafe for lunch. There was no menu and the cook just named a few things he could make for us. Cute!

Then, to the grocery store and fruit shop for supplies. We stopped at one of the many grilled chicken stands along the way and bought a cooked chicken for dinner. As the guy started bagging up the chicken, he asked whether we wanted rice, potato, peppers, tortillas, salad, and salsa with it. I kept saying “no”, but he said it was all included in one price. When I said “no gracias” to the tortillas, he just shook his head and gave them to us anyway.

The landlords came in the late afternoon to show us how to use the sprinkler, and checked out the pool again. They had been keeping Frida, our dog, until we could get here. Frida was ecstatic to return home! She seems like a very sweet dog, a rescue.

We checked out the huge backyard.

Then, we went up to the upstairs deck for margaritas.

This is the view from one side of the deck….

And this is the view from the side….

They say that this area has the “second best climate in the world”. The median temperature is 72. April and May are the two hottest months of the year, with highs like 85. It cools off a lot at night, so we don’t have A/C.

DINNER: George fixed the outdoor grill, and we charred the chicken that we had bought.

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