Last day in Seattle

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Like a broken record – Another spring day. Sunny.. 60s highs

We took Oscar for his final walk, this time around the nearby Olympic Sculpture Park. Beautiful views of the Sound and skyline.

We dropped Oscar back at the apartment, and took a mile+ hike to Lake Union. We were in search of a Goodwill thrift store. When I travel, I like to take clothes that are on their last leg. Then, I donate them upon departure. So today, I dropped off my winterish clothes – long pants, sweaters, etc that I won’t need in Mexico.

While we were in that area, we found a nice bistro for lunch. We shared a scrumptios lox and challah bread board.

Back home, we scurried around, tidying up. George ran the vacuum cleaner. Suddenly, I could not find Lucy, our cat. The apartment is small, but I could not find her anywhere. How could she have run away? I was really in panic mode. I looked in every nook and cranny. The homeowners were scheduled to arrive any minute. Oh no!!! Then, after the vacuum was off, I shook the cat treats bag and called her, and she magically appeared from under some clothes where she has a hidey-hole. Whew!

The homeowners returned. All is well. They were happy to reunite with Oscar and Lucy. We took the light rail out to the airport. We stayed at a pretty crappy motel, but it had good TV for Sunday night shows. We found a nice Thai restaurant where we had Dungeness crab.

Saying goodbye to Seattle and its beautiful views…..

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