Winding down in Seattle

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Another sunny day with highs in 60s

We walked Oscar around the neighborhood, then went to a northern suburb to visit our daughter Alexis who is housesitting in Shoreline. The home overlooks Puget Sound, so we sat outside, soaking in the sun, and snacking on cheese and bread for lunch. How nice!

On the way to Shoreline, we passed a car with a lot of political bumper sticker. There were several stickers for various Democratic candidates, like “Klobacher for 2020”. Then, I saw this one which gave us a chuckle….

Back home, we played with our charges. They are telling me that it is supper time….

They really play nicely together….

DINNER: Split pea soup over a baked potato. Salad on the side.

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