Up and Down in Seattle

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: A beautiful, spring day. High in 60s; sunny

We took our charge Oscar up a very, very steep hill to Kerry Park which overlooks Seattle. It is one of the most popular viewpoints in the city.

George continued up the hill to Upper Queen Anne, but daughter Alexis and I took Oscar back down to our apartment in Lower Queen Anne. The plan was to have lunch in Upper Queen Anne, and George didn’t want to tackle the hill again. But – Alexis and I did….

It was about a mile straight up. Then, when we were close to the top…..stairs to climb!

We found a cute, neighborhood pub in Upper Queen Anne for lunch. We shared a muffaletta. It is appropriately named “The Hilltop”

Then, we accompanied Alexis to Shoreline, a suburb on the north side of town, where she will housesit and dogsit for a couple she knows who used to live in Rochester.

We gave their dog, Molly, a walk on the beach. George and I returned via Ballard. The homeowner is an author and pointed out to us places that are featured in his book that is being published soon. Very interesting….we are anxious to read it.

Back at the apartment, we played with our charges. They both like to eat. Here is Lucy the cat giving me a forlorn, hungry look, even after she just ate!

DINNER: Grilled halibut with sides of rice and salad.

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